Frequently Asked Questions

When are you open?


The bookings are open for camping during the spring and summer months of the year including weekends, bank holidays and school holidays.  We have a 2 night minimum over a weekend and 3 night minimum over a bank holiday weekend.

Arrival time from 2pm in the afternoon to 6pm, apart from Friday where checkin is until 8pm.  Checkout is 11am on the day of your departure.

At Polesden Lacey, vehicle access to the site is restricted to the hours when the Main House and Gardens are closed, which is before 10am and after 5pm.

Staff are available onsite from 9am to 6pm (until 8pm on Friday), so you'll always have someone from Embers nearby to help you out!

Where are your campsites?


We currently have two beautiful and unique campsites to choose from: One on the doorstep of the South Downs National Park near Lewes in Sussex and now we are proud to offer the unique experience of camping at Embers Polesden Lacey, one of England’s most beautiful National Trust properties which gives you free access to the wonderful House and Gardens.

Can we bring our dog?


At Embers Camping, we don't allow dogs unfortunately as the campsites are located on farms and estates that have geese, chickens, rabbits, wildfowl and many other farm animals on site.

What to bring?



Camping Check List.

Embers Camping is a tent only site.

Therefore please do bring all the normal camping essentials that you may need.


Camping Basics:                                                     


Sleeping bag and roll matt

Torch(es) – spare batteries


Folding Table


Cool Box

BBQ cooking utensils

Plates, bowls, forks, spoons, knives

Washing up cloths, tea towels

Chopping Board / Paring Knife

Tin Foil

Food Containers

Lighter or matches.


Clothing including wet weather gear


Insect repellent

First-aid kit

Prescription medications

Toothbrush, toiletries and towels



Flip flops


Bin Bags


Don't forget a football or cricket set if you want to play a game in the field!

If you don’t have a tent, you can hire a family tent that sleeps upto 6 persons for £70 per night that comes pre-pitched.

Please add this to your holiday when you are making a booking in the "add your camping options".  You can also hire bedding from us - Bundle Beds is a comfortable option to get a good nights sleep!

Please do not bring your own firewood to the site, as people bring many different degrees of suitable wood with nails and fencing attached.  A bag of firewood costs £6.50 each. 

What facilities do you provide?


We provide loos, hot showers and washing up basins that use water efficient devices to reduce waste so we are friendly to the environment. Also the renewable sources of the energy used at the campsite to heat the hot water supply include solar power.

We also provide your own fire basket at your pitch where you can cook your own food, warm yourself up at night or just relax around with a nice glass of red in the evening.

A campsite shop is on hand to provide you with the essentials such as bacon, milk and snacks.  

What are the local attractions and things to do?


You are really spoilt for choice from playing an impromptu game of cricket overlooking the beautiful surroundings at the campsite to exploring the beauty of the South Downs National Park and the Polesden Lacey Estate - one of the treasures of the National Trust!

At Embers Bentley, take a trip on the miniature railway or ride a bike on the national trails in the South Downs National Park.  Or swim at Birling Gap beach, which is overlooked by the majestic chalk cliffs in the Seven Sisters Country Park.

Polesden Lacey offers you 1,400 acres of ancient woodlands and trails that are stunning and such a treat if you are an outdoor enthusiast.  The main house entertained royalty, lavish parties and still has many fabulous rooms to explore.

Do you have a Green Policy?


At Embers, everything we do helps create a green environment at the campsite, so you can visit again and again and nature would not know you were there!  We have set the campsite in such a way to minimise our impact on the environment to a negligible level such that we are 95% sustainable:

 - Solar PV Power is used to heat up the hot water, power the lights and fridges

 - Water reducing valves are present on all showers and taps

 - LED and sensor lighting is used to reduce the electricity consumed on site

 - Waste such as glass and cardboard is separated and recycled according to best practices

 - Wood, a carbon neutral source of energy, is used for cooking and heating at the campsite

 - All packaging for coffee cups to spoons for ice-creams are 100% biodegradable 

All the above practices and green initiatives we implement on site, make Embers Camping one of the most sustainable tourism businesses in the UK 

Do you Recycle?

Yes we recycle everything we can at the campsite, doing our bit for the environment. Separate bags will be given to you in order to separate all the different waste such as bottles, paper, etc.
In addition, all the packaging we sell items in at the campsites is 100% biodegradable from coffee cups to ice cream spoons

Can I travel by train?


By all means, we'd love you to travel by train - it reduces your carbon footprint!  You can also hire a tent from us, which will lessen what you need to bring for the weekend.  

For Embers Bentley (Sussex), Central London stations travel to Lewes or Uckfield Station taking about 1 hours – you can cycle or it’s then just a 10-15 minute journey by taxi to the campsite.  The post code is BN8 5AF.

For Embers Polesden Lacey (Surrey), it can take 30min from central London to the local train station Box Hill, which is about 2 to 3 miles walk from the campsite.  The nearest post code is RH5 6BD. 

If you bring your bike, there are many routes to follow from the stations but be sure to keep to safe designated tracks or routes.  For suggested routes please click here.

Please get in touch should you require any more information on your travel plans.