Embers Green Guarantee



At Embers nothing is more important than looking after the countryside and the world we live in.  We realise that there is a great deal we can all do, and put together, can make a real difference to this beautiful planet we share with many other living things.

That’s why all our boilers and electricity requirements are powered by solar power, all our waste is recycled to best practices, all water used is reduced to a minimum with eco-flush loos, water efficient nozzles and self closing taps.  Our barn style luxury facilities is built from sustainably managed forests.  We even treat water on site in a water treatment plant.  In effect, making our entire operation on site amount to an almost a zero carbon footprint.  As these sustainable energy sources work so well for us, maybe you would like to use them at home too!

We’re so proud to be a member of Green Tourism to ensure we are a leader in Sustainable Tourism – we have been awarded a Silver Rating on our first assessment.  As our campsite is in a field near and surrounded by woods, we have a plan in place for biodiversity to conserve and enhance nature.

Which means you can enjoy our campsites again and again, and nature will never know you were there.